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Ready to overcome resistance to your change project?


Are you facing inertia and resistance with your change projects?

Do you feel stuck with bringing others on board? 

It's time to get yourself, your team and your organisation change-ready!


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From Chaos to Clarity: Your Business Needs a Change Consultant Now.  

I have been streamlining business transformations around the globe for more than twenty years. My proven methodology has delivered successful outcomes for clients during times of tumultuous upheaval and across a myriad of cultures. I promise to equip you and your teams with practical and effective change solutions and training that will enable your organisation to face any transformation storm.

In my book, Change Matters, I ask you this: "what use is it if the most agile leaders are unable to bring their teams along with them?" 

Change is Inevitable: Your Team's Resistance to Change Doesn't Have to Be.

Through organisational restructuring, adopting new technology, changing the ways of working, or a slowly drifting cultural shift in your business, my change management experience and refreshing approach will be your team's essential compass, even in the wildest storms. I promise to show you exactly how to build meticulous transition plans, develop truly effective engagement strategies, while will providing you with the essential training you need to ensure seamless integration of teams and processes. I will also help you develop and manage your staff training programmes, to ensure all the changes you're facing will harmonise with your broader business strategies.

Connect & unlock your change potential!

Picture the future where... 

  • your change initiatives inspire unwavering team commitment
  • your vision captivates and unites diverse teams
  • you transform resistance into support with a capable change champion team
  • you lead with agility and resilience
  • you build change capacity¬†on¬†the long term

It is possible! Reach out and let's discuss how!


Hi! I’m Margit.

I am thrilled you are here.

You aspire to lead changes and transformation at work with confidence and success.

You want to feel fulfilled as a leader of people who gets both respect and results. 

And you are determined to achieve all that whilst using your time effectively and making time for what matters in life, beyond work. 

You know 'why' and 'what' you want but you are yet to figure out the 'how'. 

I am here to help you along the way!

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Many organisations and people around the world are faced with the challenge of managing resistance when they want to bring about a change.

I am here to support you with finding the right technique to bring others on board and do it with energy and resilience!

I help you create the roadmap, equip you with the tools, support and advice to make it all happen!

You will benefit from over two decades of experience in the field and from proven industry best practices I bring you.


Chemistry Check

We discuss your needs and wants, and what I can offer to address them through the 4 types of services.

Plan & Act

We co-create your plan for the way forward together and I support you to make it happen all the way.

Evaluate & Follow-up

We assess the impact of our work together, and upon agreement we continue working together.